Friday, May 7, 2010

Earlier Garhwalis are known for their Honesty, Hard Work, Respect, Dedication, Spirituality, Kindness, Bravery etc., even it’s alive still in out of garhwal, but scenario of garhwal is now changing day by day negatively, specially the living environment of garhwal is really getting bad to worse.

You can see children, youngster and mature persons are addicted to hard drink, Hashish, playing cards etc. Education standard is in worse condition, but it’s better in city areas of garhwal. You can imagine future of garhwal by this.

I don’t think any garhwali person who can afford staying out of garhwal want to stay in garhwal, but people who are staying out of garhwal since long time and not aware current environment of garhwal want to come back for rest of their life.

Exceptions are everywhere; there are still some villages that are maintaining their culture.

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