Saturday, May 8, 2010

Everybody wants to get rid of his old mud house and want to build Concrete house like City houses, comparatively mud houses are colder in summer and hotter in winter to concrete house, but still they need concrete house why? Perhaps everybody knows the reason. Utensils which we earlier used to keep drinking water at home are made of Copper & Bronze which keeps water cold and makes healthy, but now days we are using steel and plastic utensils, by them how can you keep water cool. I can not deny that climate of Garhwal’s also changed but still it’s better than city.

Today most of garhwali’s including “Gram Pradhan” are selfish, they are not even thinking about their own village/State, in such condition country is far away. For any improvement, we first need to point out what needs to be improved. We are here just discussing issues and will forget soon. Some of us are not even establish in own life, some of us have our family’s responsibilities, some of us have no relation with our villages and there could so many reasons/excuses.

(Garhwal = Pauri Garhwal, Kumaon Garhwal, Chamoli Garhwal, Tihri Garhwal and all other District of Uttarakhand.)

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