Traffic Rules

Although it is an effect of new traffic violations charges but it is really pleasant to see most of people are following traffic rules. Still many people out there complaining about the  high penalties, they need to understand it is in your hand whether you want to pay penalty or not, they can't forcefully extract money out of your pocket, you just need to follow traffic rules. Another excuse is being given about condition of roads, here you also need to know that maintenance of roads is a part of Municipal Corporation & PWD, traffic police is nowhere related/responsible for it. Don't give traffic police any chance to become corrupt, instead maintain your vehicle documents and follow traffic rules.

पूँछ और नली

हम भारतीय पूँछ है और नियम-कानून उसको सीधा करने वाली नलियाँ। इतिहास गवाह है की पूँछ को सीधा करने के चक्कर में हज़ारों प्रकार की नलियाँ टेड़ी चुकी है पर कोई भी नली आज तक हमारी पूँछ का बाल भी बाँका नही कर पाई। फिर एक बार मार्किट में ट्रैफिक की नई नलियाँ आई है अपनी किस्मत आजमाने तो देखें इनका क्या हश्र होता है। #NewTrafficRules


Recently Sonakshi Sinha said that Hanuman Ji fetched the "Sanjeevani Booti" for Sita Mata and afterwards her reply is being circulated over social sites and she is being compared with Alia Bhatt IQ Level. What I think... 1. They are actresses and their job of field is acting and not the winning general knowledge competitions. We should only judge an actor on the basis of his/her acting skills, not for IQ level. 2. It is very important for a celebrity to be in highlights to attract the acting offers and to be in highlights he/she needs to do something which is either extra ordinary or extra silly. For a celebrity it is very hard to do something extra ordinary and get the public attention, hence they opt the second option and say something silly against which public go crazy and they calmly wait for the offers. So, before considering any celebrity fool and spreading it over social media sites, make sure you are wise enough to understand his/her trick.


लाल बत्ती की दूसरी तरफ रुके हरे-पिले रंग के शेयरिंग ऑटो को निहारते हुए मन ही मन वो एक सीट मिल पाने की उम्मीद के साथ बार बार अपने फ़ोन मे बढ़ते और ऑफिस के लिए कम होते हुए समय को देख रहा था। जैसे ही लाल रंग फिसल कर हरे रंग पर रुका मैंने भी अपनी बाइक को आगे बढ़ा दिया, उस युवक ने अपना हाथ रुकने के लिए दिया जो की मेरे पीछे आते ऑटो के लिए था लेकिन मैंने अपनी बाइक उसके सामने रोक दी, नज़रे मिली उसने पूछा सेक्टर 62 नोएडा तक छोड़ दोगे? मैंने कहा चलो। कुछ आगे चल कर पूछा की नोएडा में असल में कहाँ जाना है तो जवाब "फोर्टिस हॉस्पिटल" मिला। हालाँकि भारी यातायात की वजह से मैंने उस रास्ते से चलना बंद कर दिया था और एक थोड़ा लंबा लेकिन कम ट्रेफिक वाला रास्ता ढूँढ लिया था। उसके गंतव्य को जान कर सोचा चलो इसी बहाने पुराने रास्ते को एक बार फिर निहार लिया जाए। फोर्टिस हॉस्पिटल पर पहुँच कर सेवा स्वरूप धन्यवाद अर्जित किया आगे निकल चले। रोमांचक बात ये रही की, उसको पता है की उसने रुकने के लिए मुझे हाथ नही दिया था और मुझे भी पता है की उसने मुझे रोकने के लिए हाथ नही दिया था लेकिन उसको ये नही पता की ये बात मुझे


कुछ हिम्मत लचर कानून ने दी, कुछ हौसला अनंत न्याय व्यव्यस्था ने बढ़ाया, कुछ विशवास नेताओं पर था, कुछ समाज को देख कर सीखा था, कुछ धर्म का ऊपरी ज्ञान अर्जित था, कुछ दम अपने अंदर भी था। और इन सब के सहयोग से "अलीगढ़ की ट्विंकल" की चमक बुझा दी गयी।


Yesterday I saw a DREAM, which was full of Fantasy and beyond this planet. In that Dream, I was a student of a reputed medical college and was dominating the entire college by my anger and knowledge, no one was out there who could dare to come before me or refuse my any order or wish. All the fellows including faculty and administrators were like my slaves, they always ensure that everything is always available at my disposal. Only I had the right to abuse or hit anyone, and I can choose any random girl/boy to utilize as I like. I had selected a random girl to be my gf and declared her as my property, nobody bothered including the girl and everybody co-operated out of fear, as expected. The girl's family went against our relationship and in that fit, I took a heavy dose of alcohol & drugs and lost my consciousness for 36 hrs. During this period she got married to another guy and after knowing this I sank myself into the ocean of drugs and alcohol. At the end of the fantasy dre


Good Morning Sir, I am Nidhi calling from LIC India. Me: Good Morning Nidhi. Nidhi - Sir, we have some new Pension and Saving plans, would you be interested? Me - Sorry, I am running out of funds so can't be interested. Me - OK, Sir, we have some great schemes for kids also especially for girls, do you have any girl? Me - Sorry, I don't have any girl. beep! beep! beep! ( sound of phone disconnection) Outcome - The moment telecaller realise that you are not going to buy anything from them, out of frustration/disappointment they will disconnect the phone without following any courtesy words like "OK" or "Thanks for your time". Any telecaller may have work or target pressure but ending call on a sweet note will give others a reason to attend future calls with respect.