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बस तुम आ जाओ।



The man settled himself in the hotel chair with his family to give a soothing and different experience to the taste buds.
After deciding food items from the menu with the consent of his family, he respectfully called the waiter and on arrival of the waiter asked him to serve the selected food items.
The food was served and everyone was enjoying the meal, in between, he realised that more water is needed, he again called the waiter respectfully and said he needed more drinking water, the waiter left to fetch the water.
5 minutes passed and he observed that the same waiter is serving to other customers, he indicated to the waiter for water and waiter nodded his head in agreement.
Another 5 minutes passed and he found that waiter is serving to another customer, he again indicated to the waiter and the waiter shook his head again.
He realised that his politeness & respect is being taken granted, soon waiter appeared with a different thing for another customer, the man decided to speak in t…