Fever of M S Dhoni

Never thought of watching movie M S DHONI, as I assumed what can be special in the movie made on a cricketer's life, so skipped since it was released. One fine day in the evening when sun left for the day and darkness was arriving for changing calendar date, there was nothing to do except exploring phone to delete unnecessary contents to get some more space for new contents, a gigabit of MS Dhoni was consuming good amount of space and before deleting I thought of giving it a try before saying goodbye for forever. The moment I started watching the movie it grabbed me so warmly and I lost in it, the time frame of my teenage was flashing on the screen and I found myself deeply connected to the characters and their feelings moving on the screen. I admire the storyline of the movie as there was no cricket which I assumed from the movie made on a cricket's life but there was a process, struggles, relations, feelings and much more except cricket. Now I am deeply in love with music and songs of the movie as I feel songs are containing the feeling of love which was in the environment at that time. Especially "Jab Tak" & "Kaun Tujhe".


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