Lot’s of incidents took place in everybody’s life almost everyday and I am the person who observes such incidents and try to find out the reason behind the incident, in same cases people don’t notice or just forget or don’t bother to think about that or spoiled their mood for whole day.

I am the person who don’t know how to speak “NO”, I hardly refuse any one if the thing is under my control or reach or I can do anything for him/her and I know that there are most of people are opposite me, they will refuse by one excuse or other.

Today’s incident about which I thought let’s share with you and know what other people think about it and what is their way of thinking: -

I used to commute my office by public transport and used most of time sharing Auto, due to some reason police has blocked the road from where I took auto to get another auto to reach my office, only personal vehicles are allowed to move on that particular road for today, when I reached on the road, saw that there is no public vehicles on the road and that’s around 3 km distance to reach main road, my office timing is very strict and if any employee reach late they mark half day absent without considering any excuse, so, I thought now there is no way to reach office on time, coz I have to walk upto main road and it will consume enough time, so thought let’s try to take lift, I tried a lot of vehicles but none of them bother to help anyone, any way I walked and reached office late.


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